Project Description

The brainchild of the company CFO, the goal was to create an Intranet portal where all company communications, purchasing, receiving, RMA tracking, project tracking, reminders, pick tickets, and production journals could all be kept on one site that was accessible by wifi tablets assigned to each employee.

The result is a highly functional web portal where management can search for nearly anything in the company across all departments with just a few clicks. Regular requests for various reports and new module development for added functionality have kept this website in active development for over three years!

Custom forms take information from various departments that trigger notification events to all parties involved. Huge datasets with tens of thousands of rows are instantly searchable through the use of DataTables. Various scripts lookup part information and pre-fill other forms on the fly. Proprietary documentation is encrypted, and a separate view-only plugin allows employees restricted access to only what is permissible. Access to all pages can be controlled by group, all the way down to individual users. This platform runs on a custom built server that is housed in their own server room, and continuously backed up to offsite cloud storage for data redundancy.