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Managed IT Services

Solution Engine IT’s business intelligence and proactive managed IT services provide solutions that grow your business while eliminating the growing pains of IT related issues. We manage and monitor your IT systems to prevent problems before they cause business interruption.

IT Solutions from Solution Engine IT

With Solution Engine IT you never question whether your network is backed up, if emails are secure, or if overall business productivity is hampered due to IT issues. Our technicians work as an extension of your business. For a flat monthly rate, or even non-contract as needed hourly, our IT team becomes your IT team.

What we do is all there in the name. Solutions. We find them, or create them. We execute them. We adapt, we modify, we sculpt and we shape as the case or needs may be when our clients say they want to “grow my business”. Our expertise lies in both the strategic and execution ends of the same spectrum. We help our clients to formulate & set strategy, build their plans and execute to achieve the solutions they need to create or unlock value in their enterprise.

Our Services

We Build Solutions For Your Everyday Problems

Our Proven Process Produces Results


Let’s take a look at your situation and get down to what we can do to help.


After determining your needs, we’ll put together a plan of action to get the job done.


All plans set? Time to get to work and get it done.


We make any last adjustments, change orders, and final debugging to finish the project.


With everything ready to go, we launch the project and monitor its performance.

We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Extensive Business Experience