Project Description

A sub project of Texas Semiconductor Technologies, SemiSpares was created to sell off spare semiconductor manufacturing parts & equipment to the general public.

From time to time, the owner would buy liquidated stock from a closing business, or purchase broken machines to refurbish and resell. With a warehouse full of stuff, he can’t recall what all 1.5 million pieces of inventory that he has. Go figure.

The solution was to build a web based interface where employees could inventory these parts, take pictures with a webcam, and capture any additional metadata present on the part.

As data was entered, a script would check the input to see if it matched a part number needed in the production facility. If matched, a message would pop up instructing them to set it aside and a notification sent to management about the needed part. Part two of SemiSpares was to create the public facing online store where the products would continually update the store inventory as they were added, and promoted with a Google Adwords campaign to push the part numbers of every item in stock. The result is our other highest performing website with over 300k page requests per month. This website was also built on a custom designed VPS cloud server hosted by DigitalOcean to provide the fastest page load times through caching to keep up with the various robots indexing over 30k individual parts in stock.