Project Description

When we met with Allied Oil in 2009, it was a referral from a friend that said they needed a new IT guy. As a perfect example of our business model, they were just a tiny warehouse running a modest & family owned business that started in the 80’s. We initially only saw them about once or twice a month, until their oldest son took over the company and wanted to expand the brand.

As the company grew, they took on new employees, vendors, and clients that forced them to grow up and embrace new ideas to keep the expansion going. We were with them every step of the way with new equipment, upgraded security, email management, and finally a new website.

In keeping things growing and getting bigger, we set out to create a sleek and responsive online web store where anyone can shop over 40,000 SKU’s from over 10 different vendors. With individual pictures and normal pricing changes, an easy to use and robust solution was necessary to meet the demand. Once the site was ready to launch, we designed a $300 per month, 3 month ad campaign to get them on the board. Within 2 months we were already ranking on the first page, and by 6 months, you couldn’t find a result that didn’t include this website in the results. Not a single penny more has been spent on advertising, and this is still one of the top 3 highest traffic sites we still manage today.