1. Use Sybase Central to Unload old v7 database with structure & data.

2. Use Sybase Central to Unload current v11 database with structure & data.

3. There are incompatible commands, calls, and functions in the v11 SQL reload file, but the data format is the same for the .DAT files in the data unload folder. Open the v7 & v11 SQL reload files side by side and scroll down until you reach the —Reload data— section. Go table by table and swap out the v7 .DAT file location with the v11 .DAT file location. Save.

4. dbinit -n -p 4096 C:\DatabaseFolder\mynew.db
(New database file, no transaction log, page size of 4096)

5. Use Interactive SQL to connect to the new database file using UID=dba PWD=sql

6. Run this SQL statement-> read ‘C:\DatabaseBackup\reload.sql’