With the massive shift of the workforce out of centralized office locations due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Companies are being pressured to grant an unprecedented amount of remote access to business resources by employees who have been asked to work from home.

This rapid re-alignment of resources dramatically increases the opportunity for hacks, breaches, and phishing attacks on both the central network and the individual employees’ computers.

We advise all companies not to allow any new remote access or connections to the central company network without first quickly screening their home computer for basic IT security. We can very quickly and easily run a non-intrusive remote scan on any home worker’s computer, and generate the Asset Detail Report that will answer these key questions:
With answers in hand, we can also remotely remedy these systems, and bring them up to date with the latest updates and security patches. And for these extended out of office circumstances, we can also provide proactive managed services to continually monitor and protect the technology that runs your business.

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