Project Description

Located in Hood River, Oregon, I had the opportunity to work with a new startup dispensary to create their initial web presence.

By leveraging WordPress & WooCommerce, we set out to create an online store where a customer could place a to-go order for pickup based on the latest inventory and stock levels in the store. This was done with a custom written plugin that would regularly synchronize with the state-approved inventory system. Reservations would create an order in the store’s point of sale system, and the cashier only needed to pull the order & collect payment. The company’s FaceBook and Instagram feeds were also integrated into the site, and ownership had the ability to write their own blog posts on the site.

This website is no longer maintained by Solution Engine, and many of the advanced features have been disabled, removed, or broken by subsequent web developers. The design is based off of ownership’s vision of a tiki hut/beach ‘feel’, and have done well for themselves since their launch.