Project Description

Part of the TLP Solutions family, this website provided a job board site that represented the recruiting venture of the business. Based on the Jamit Job Board for functionality, we also integrated a 3rd party affiliate tracking software to accomplish their goal of tracking user referrals and signups. Additional customization was added for other recruiters to become members and be able to manage and promote jobs to their own contact lists, all the while earning credit for the candidates they successfully referred.

Due to new laws regarding information collected for job applicants, TLP Solutions found a niche where they can review and submit only the most qualified candidates to the job posting’s owner. Rather than just a match based on selected answers, a personal phone interview accompanied job applications to further ensure only the best qualified applicants made it to HR’s desk.

Being one of the earliest projects we worked on, it has been an interesting challenge maintaining the operation of this website. With no active development or updates, technologies continue to make this site’s codebase obsolete. By building a custom linux cloud server running an old release of XAMPP are we able to provide the outdated software requirements necessary to run the site. A modern rebuild of the job board has been discussed, but focus and resources have been allocated to other projects for the time being. In the meantime, the latest security practices used for protecting today’s websites are also in use for this site, consistently protecting user’s data and website uptime.