Project Description

Nothing special here, other than we wanted to show that not every site we produce is highly customized or coded. Based on the principle that we strive to deliver what the customer wants, we do our best to make that idea in their head come to life.

Website design can be really abstract, or highly technical. If you see something you like, and want something similar on your own website, let’s talk! Chances are that we could recognize the software or service they used, and voila! KISS, right? In this economy, small businesses can’t afford the luxury of being ‘exploratory’ with their ideas. Every idea needs a plan, and that is where we fill in the gaps.

We believe that we should be working in the mindset of being a part of your team, and not acting out our part just to get a paycheck, This belief allows us to not only design the solution, but to also be a part of it.

This particular company didn’t think they needed a website, other than to show a little information about themselves. As an oilfield company in Carlsbad, New Mexico, it wasn’t hard for everyone to know your name. They weren’t trying to grow into a nationwide service, not interested in any marketing activities. Just wanted a decent looking simple website that people could look at, if they wanted to. So, that’s what we delivered. Just this past Thanksgiving we completed a $16k server and security overhaul of all of their systems. Upgraded to the latest supported and secured Windows Server 2019 OS, a pair of Cisco Meraki firewalls that provided a VPN connecting the branch offices and allowing remote access for employees. Content filtering to block entire categories or specific websites, with web traffic reports easily accessible from any Internet connected device. All of this triggered from being hit by a ransomware attack that wiped out nearly all of their shared drive work product, and their onsite backups. Our cloud backup solution kicked in and restored all of the deleted files, and the company only suffered one day of down time while the restoration of 128GB of data was downloaded.