Project Description

Part of the TLP Solutions family, this website has some pretty advanced features not found anywhere else. While TLP solutions cannot sell directly to end users, this site would allow an individual to fill a cart with products, and checking out would relay the order to any one of TLP’s many regional service partners based on the zip code of the order. The service partner would then determine what parts were needed, and login to the store to place the order. As a ‘service partner’, their order which could consist of multiple vendors, would generate individual purchase orders and send them to the appropriate OEM provider(s).

Service partner territories were based off of Basic Trading Area (BTA) codes. First we had to obtain a list of all zip codes in the US, then match those up with the BTA code that each belonged to. A backend tool was created to assign these BTA codes to each service partner, and a custom contact form would lookup the submitted zip code and forward to the appropriate service partner. These same service partners would login to the same site, and additional functionality would kick in where they would have access to protected documents and net pricing on all products. And instead of creating an order for each individual vendor, we let them put it all in one basket, and let the store take care of the rest.