Project Description

Being the first company Intranet portal we developed, it felt important to include this site in our overview, simply for the fact that it was developed in 2009 and is still used by over 75% of the employees on a daily basis.

Born out of necessity, Legacy Housing was growing from a small office operation, up to a Fortune 5000 company that is now publicly traded. Still using obsolete manufacturing software, QuickBooks, and Access databases became a huge bottleneck in trying to access information from any department. Unless someone looked up the information you wanted, you weren’t getting it.

The solution was to build a web front end that would interface with the various databases, and provide a unified access point where employees could lookup, edit, and save information.

Through the magic of PHP & MySQL, we were able to query these data sources, and provide its information to any number of employees, no user licensing required. We also managed a RFID program that was implemented to reduce dealer theft. Data feeds from that service were integrated into their inventory database, where email notifications and home status updates would be sent out when certain criteria were met. We are currently involved in a project with Legacy Housing to migrate these antiquated systems onto the modern Microsoft Dynamics GP platform, hosted in a top tier datacenter right here in Dallas. With over $240k invested, Legacy is doing the biggest upgrade in its life, and we’ve been there improving their infrastructure and productivity since 2009.