Project Description

One of the smaller projects we’ve worked on, has also been a great learning experience. This website was a simple front end to a loan servicing company. They wanted a website where their customers could go to make a one-time loan/property tax payment, or sign up for automatic ACH withdrawals from their checking account.

Sounds simple? Well, sorta. We didn’t get to use Paypal, Stripe, or any of the other popular online payment systems. We needed a way to process credit card transactions, and deposit them directly into a checking account at their bank, with no middleman.

Now things get interesting. When you don’t get to run your transactions through a trusted clearinghouse, now you become the responsible custodian of processing and securely storing customer information. PCI compliance was just the start. Do you know who likes stealing people’s credit card and checking account information? Hackers. This site was also hosted on a custom built & highly secured linux cloud server. Not only protected by the respected Sucuri plugin, various security softwares are also on the lookout for suspicious activity, and regularly blacklisting hundreds of IP addresses on a daily basis.